Stop theorizing and fix the foot bridges – Law lecturer tells government


A private legal practitioner and law lecturer at the Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration, Clara Beeri Kasser-Tee has asked government to desist from the usual ‘talk shops’ and fix the Adenta-Madina highway.

According to her, the Adenta-Madina highway which has turned into a death trap is as a result of the absence of footbridges which transcends to represent the failure of leadership in the country.

The lawyer said each time she witnessed how residents and traders struggled with cars while crossing the road, she wonders who opened the road for use.

“Each time I see how people struggle with cars, I ask, so who oversaw the opening of this uncompleted road to traffic” she quizzed. The law lecturer who was stuck in the traffic as a result of the Thursday upheaval at the Adenta –Madina highway said she wouldn’t have blamed the aggrieved youth if they had attacked her.

“I was afraid, I did feel trapped but I would not have blamed them if they had attacked me, I could have been a victim of failed leadership” she said. She said, she was disappointed at how things had turned especially with regards to how discussions on the issue had turned.

“There is a problem and the interim solution is just fix the footbridges, there may be other issues but at the moment fixing the footbridges should be our focus”.

The legal practitioner was speaking on News file on JoyNews on Saturday.

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